Week 61

Hello Everyone,

This week we held Family Home Evening with a brother in the branch and his young daughter. When we got there, six or seven extra members showed up to have FHE with them. Great support from the members.

Next transfer day here in the Philippines Angeles Mission is on December 31st, so I’m here until 2016.  (I’m going home that year…uh…yikes. 10 Months of Bliss Remaining)

We’ve been struggling to find new investigators, thus we decided to take an entire day just to go out and talk to people on the street all day long.  My comp decided on a faraway area and there’s no way to get there except walking.  Everyone was busy harvesting rice.  We didn’t talk to very many people, but we visited a few less-active members, and ate dinner at someone’s home. (That was nice.)

The nine-year-old girl who was recently baptized came to church on Sunday (it’s kind of a long way from her home).  We were super impressed.

Cool things are happening, but challenges still exist.  I’m still much more fluent in Indian English than I am in Tagalog. When I try to speak Tagalog I can give a scripture reference and say “Please read that.”  I can share a brief testimony. More than that and I tend to butcher the grammar. But still, things are moving forward.

Love, Elder Aldridge
#scriptures #priesthoodblessings #realintenseprayers

Joe and Elder Escocio


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  1. Patricia McClintock · · Reply

    You have such a wonderfully happy attitude about your Mission. We love to hear of your experiences. Keep up the good work and sharing of the pictures, too.


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