From India to the Philippines

Manila Temple

I bought a new camera. My first day in the Philippines and here is the Manila Temple!

Elder Oblagacion in rice field

This is Elder Obligacion. We taught someone out in the middle of the rice fields which surround this small town that reminds me of home. Almost no one honks and there’s no city atmosphere to it and there are green things growing everywhere.  It’s super trippy because it feels like home, and not at all like anyplace I’ve served. There’s agriculture all around it.  We walked on the path next to the rice field until we went through the rice field to get to their small wooden house made of sticks. We sat on their tree stump stools outside to talk to an old poor man who talked about how much he loves Jesus and the Book of Mormon and reads it every single day of his life. He is just about the happiest person I have ever met.  In the rice fields, we walk on a very narrow strip of semi-dry land because the rest is in a depression so that they can submerge the crops in water.  They had a fence made of sticks.  “Makeshift” is the only word that can really describe it.  And they were such happy people and they loved the Book of Mormon so much, it was awesome!
Side-car selfie
Every morning I take a shower by scooping cold water on myself from a bucket.  I sleep with a fan because AC is not in our apartment.  Elder Farr and I are slowly forgetting our Indian English/Telugu/Tamil and slowly learning Tagalog and remember American English. We don’t ride autos here, we ride tricycles, which are actually motorcycles with a sidecar.  One of us rides on the back of the motorcycle and one of us rides in the sidecar.  This is my sidecar selfie.
I love the Philippines just as much as I love India!

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