Traffic lanes are at best a suggestion or maybe just a rumor.

“On Indian roads, everyone just drives everywhere.  There aren’t speed limits, just speed bumps and potholes.  And traffic lanes are at best a suggestion, but more commonly nothing more than a mere rumour.  This computer corrected “rumor” to “rumour.”  I’m definitely in India. Also, horns aren’t to alert you to the fact that you’ve made a mistake, they’re just to make sure people know you’re there and don’t hit you.  You know on movies where they show the big cities and run a sound clip of a lot of horns honking?  Yeah, that’s really what it sounds like.”  –Elder Aldridge

In order to help with traffic congestion and safety, the Hyderabad Traffic Police tried using Twitter to let people know about traffic jams, but apparently found Facebook to be more effective. They post all sorts of things to encourage people to obey traffic laws, wear helmets, etc. You can join the nearly 160,000 people who already “Like” them on Facebook:

Quote from the Hyderabad Traffic Police:

A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars.  It’s where the rich use public transportation                  –Mayor of Bogota

traffic sign
“I like riding in auto-rickshaws.  They’re little three-wheeled vehicles with no doors that you pay to ride in like a taxi.  We just
call them autos.  They hold about four people by design and about fifteen in practicality.” –Elder Aldridge

autosfull autofull auto 2traff

In addition to the popular yellow taxis, or “autos,” Hyderabad has an extensive bus system, four main railway stations, minibuses, an elevated metro rail, and an international airport.  There is an incredible amount of foot traffic, motorcycles, and scooters.  Many people also ride bicycles, which are simply called “cycles.”

By now, you probably want your own auto rickshaw, so here’s a tutorial on how to operate them safely.


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