Guess Who’s in India?

That’s right, only 48 hours of flying and layovers in airports around the world and Elder Aldridge arrived safely in Bangalore, India!

  1. SLC to Chicago with layover in Chicago
  2. Overnight flight from Chicago to London
  3. Layover at Heathrow airport
  4. Overnight flight from London to Bangalore
  5. Elder Aldridge met President and Sister Berrett
  6. Interview with Mission President
  7. Elder Aldridge is assigned to work in Hyderabad, India with Elder Pilli, his trainer

Elders Aldridge and Philli

Hyderabad, as of 2014, has over 12 million people!  More than NYC and LA combined!  They are famous for their cuisine, especially Hyderabadi Biriyani, which is made from basmati rice, spices, and goat, lamb, or chicken.  Elder Aldridge said, “It’s delicious!”


Hyderabad is also called “The City of Pearls” because it used to be a great trading center for pearls and diamonds.  They still have a lot of bazaars to enjoy.



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