Hello Everyone, This week we held Family Home Evening with a brother in the branch and his young daughter. When we got there, six or seven extra members showed up to have FHE with them. Great support from the members. Next transfer day here in the Philippines Angeles Mission is on December 31st, so I’m […]

I bought a new camera. My first day in the Philippines and here is the Manila Temple! This is Elder Obligacion. We taught someone out in the middle of the rice fields which surround this small town that reminds me of home. Almost no one honks and there’s no city atmosphere to it and there […]

Dear Everyone, Today (10 August 2015) is my 11-month mark.  Which is not one of the milestones, but it makes me feel like I’ve been a missionary for a long time anyway.  I have now served in Hyderabad for 6 months and Coimbatore for 5 months.  I have 7 days left until I leave for […]

This beautiful structure is the Charminar mosque, which translated means “four towers.” The Charminar was built by connecting four minarets/towers, which support circular double balconies, with four beautiful arches made of granite, limestone, and pulverized marble. The towers/minarets are about 184 feet high. Visitors can climb the spiraling staircases inside the minarets to reach the double […]

Birthday Traditions in India “Happy Birthday” in Hindu is “Janam din Mubarak ho.”  Birthdays are celebrated with family and friends.  A traditional birthday includes Aarti, which is a ceremony performed for the person who is having a birthday by female members of the family.  This is usually done by arranging a small tray with colorful […]

Before Elder Aldridge left on his mission, we received a letter from his mission president that told us not to be surprised if our missionary lost about 40 lbs. while on his mission.  I’m not sure that is going to happen because many of the people are very kind and generous to the missionaries.  He […]

“On Indian roads, everyone just drives everywhere.  There aren’t speed limits, just speed bumps and potholes.  And traffic lanes are at best a suggestion, but more commonly nothing more than a mere rumour.  This computer corrected “rumor” to “rumour.”  I’m definitely in India. Also, horns aren’t to alert you to the fact that you’ve made […]